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Wickford High Series Book 3

Author: Karen Fuller

Print ISBN:      9781938243479

E-Book ISBN:  9781938243486

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date 6/15/2012

Vicky Phillips faces challenges that will test her faith in family and morality.

A family member that she thought was dead comes back into her life. With his return, he reveals the family’s darkest secrets—a blood sister—another white witch, and her worst enemy. This revelation has her questioning her faith in her dad. He also reveals that she and her sister each have soul mates and both share a legacy—a birthright. The four young adults must learn to trust one another to embrace the birthright or they all die. Mistrust and hatred run deep. Can they learn to get past the betrayal and hatred? Or, are they all doomed before they begin? Birthright. 

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