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Death Stalker 1800x2700.jpg

Death Stalker

The Poison ID Unit

Authors: Erik Daniel Shein, Melissa Davis & Karen Fuller

Hardcover ISBN: 9798891260849

Paperback ISBN:  9798891260856

E-Book ISBN: 9798891260863

Genre: Crime Thriller

Release Date 12/05/2023

FBI agent Lance Knight specializes in identifying obscure toxins. But when victims show up carved with sinister calling cards, he's thrust into a cat-and-mouse game against a diabolical serial killer called The Master. Lance's obsession with finally defeating this enemy from his past threatens to destroy his career and his team. Every twist leads Lance further down a tunnel of paranoia and mind games designed specifically to torment him. This adversary seems to see all and know all. But unknown to Lance, the greatest poison is within the deception itself. With lives on the line, Lance must separate truth from the web of lies before a brilliantly sinister plot consumes everything he holds dear.

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