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Cry Wolf Series Book 2

Author Karen Fuller

Hardcover ISBN: 9781629892191

Print ISBN:    9781629892221

eBook ISBN:  9781629892238

Genre: Erotic/Paranormal Romance

Release Date 04/01/2015

The fate of Anjelica De Lucia’s kind rests on her survival and freedom. She is the first born daughter to Marco De Lucia. His kingdom is on the cusp of the prophesied war, and the enemy has one main target―her. Her father’s solution brings her worst fear to life―a mating contract.

Giovanni Acardi is happy with his life the way it is, and the news that he’s just lost his freedom doesn’t sit well at all with him. He had big plans for his future, and being forced into taking a mate wasn’t one of them.

Angel has prophetic visions and has been dreaming of her unnamed Italian Adonis since she hit puberty, so when she opens her eyes and sees him standing there in front of her, she thinks she’s still dreaming. But when she discovers this mystery man is real, she sets out to plot her own future and thwart her father’s plans.

Giovanni knows exactly who she is, and when he discovers her deception, he’s mad as hell. And when Marco orders him to stay by her side―day and night―he’s not so sure he can control his wolf….

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