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Cry Wolf Series Book 3

Author Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN: 9798891260702

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260719

eBook ISBN: 9798891260726

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date 11/14/2023

His destiny was her. Her fate was him. But love has claws...


Forced to take over a pack as their new Alpha, Nico De Lucia, has only two months to find his fated mate or risk losing his choice forever—his father will find a mate for him. But the dreams that lead him to her reveal are only fragments that make her impossible to pinpoint.

Cop Carrie Mansfield is plagued by erotic dreams of a stranger who awakens a burning desire she can't control. When Carrie is injured in the line of duty, Nico saves her life by turning her into a Lycan, but the transition doesn't go smoothly.

As rogue factions continue to threaten Nico's reign, Carrie struggles to accept her new reality and overwhelming connection to a man she barely knows. With time running out, Nico and Carrie must overcome their differences or risk losing everything.

Nico is a steamy paranormal romance that blends pulse-pounding action, magnetic attraction, and supernatural suspense. Fans of hot alpha heroes, strong heroines, and fated love won't want to miss this addictive read.

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